Re: Ck7 & Ck20

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Dana,
    I have found quite the opposite true with regards to antigen retrieval of
cytokeratins, especially those of high molecular weight. Our prostate biopsies
look fantastic with heat induced epitope retrieval (HIER... (I hate typing all
that out)).
    When we optimized this stain, it was suggested that we use an enzyme
digestion, like Proteinase K (PK). But the stain was much cleaner and more
vivid on the HIER tests. Also we noted a greater frequency of tissue fall offs
with PK.
    Each lab is different so it is of utmost importance to play with your
stains (incubation times, detection kits, antigen retrieval methods etc.) as
often as your workflow can allow.
Amos wrote:

> I only have experience with one antibody that you ask about the Ck7, and it
> is from Zymed ,it works really well, with a protease digestion and short
> incubation time,but i
> find most cytokeratins work well with digestion rather than retrieval, and
> most are affected by oxidation. Hope this helps.       Dana

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