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I use the Calretinin antibody from Zymed, and for our cytology specimens
(fixed in 70% alcohol) do not find antigen retreival necessary.  Our
cytology cell blocks are post fixed in Bouins fixative (helps to congeal
them into a solid mass)and these seam to give slightly better results, but
again no antigen retrieval is necessary.  Tissue samples, (fixed both in
10% formalin, and formol-acetic acid- alcohol) do not require antigen
retrieval to yeild excellent results.  I have noticed a slight reduction in
sensitivity with antigen retrieval with this antibody on our tissue
samples. We use two methods, our routine technique is to simply place the
sections in a coplin jar of distilled water, which is then place in a
beaker of boiling water, and let them sit in it for ten min once they have
reached temperature.  If more vigorous antigen retrival is necessary I have
been using the Glycerin Microwave method.
Kerry Beebe
Kelowna Gen Hospital

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