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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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    We have had variable success staining cytospins and smears of various
fluids without antigen retrieval. We have done lymphoma markers, breast
cancer profiles, cytokeratins and various other stains. The reactivity we
have seen has been primarily dependent on the specimen quality. Air dried
smears do not work well. The specimen should be
preserved in some way, especially after the thin prep has been done. 70%
alcohol or Spray Cyte (Addams Scientific).
    Although reactivity is observed the results of the stains are difficult
to interpret due to an absence of known positive cytology controls. This
leaves quality control virtually impossible. Side by side comparison with
tissue is not quite valid since tissue usually needs target retrieval. Also
thin preps usually do not require as long an
incubation as tissue sections. If there is anyone who has found a source
for cytology controls please let me know.
Amos Brooks

Richard Cartun wrote:

> Do you really need to heat-treat specimens that are not fixed in
>formalin?  Maybe the gorgeous immunoreactivity you speak of is due to the
>37 degree primary antibody incubation.  I would appreciate hearing from
>the Histonet community regarding this issue (should non-formalin-fixed
>specimens be heat-treated for optimal immunoreactivity?).
> R. Cartun

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