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From:Barbara Wright <> (by way of histonet)
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Barbara Wright wrote:

> Lee;
> huCD34 does not cross react with mouse.  Pharmingen has a rat anti-mouse
>CD34 (Clone RAM34) that works on frozen sections and a rat anti-mouse CD31
>(Clone MEC13.3) that works on both frozen and paraffin mouse tissues.
>muCD31 works on 10%NBF, PLP and 4% Paraformaldehyde fixed paraffin
>embedded mouse kidney with high ph citra (AR10 from Biogenex) antigen
>retrieval with tyramide amplification (TSA from NEN).  For most CD markers
>they are
> specific for the species intended especially if they are monoclonal
>antibodies.  You may have some luck with with cross reactivity with
>polyclonals (e.g.. rabbit anti-human CD3 does work on rodents).
> Lee Ann Baldridge wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > I'm having big time trouble getting CD34 to stain in mouse kidney.  I
>used Dako's primary and Vector's MOM. No staining. Also no staining with
>the Pharmingen's CD31(rat anti-mouse) in tumor cells implanted in a mouse
>brain.  I tried Dako's LSAB2 kit and Vector's MOM just for kicks.  Any
>help or suggestions would be greatly appriecated. I'm new at this animal
>tissue stuff so be patient with my frequent questions. Thanks for your
> > Lee Ann Baldridge
> > I.U. Hosp.
> > Indpls., IN.
> > 317-274-5790
> > 317-278-4820 fax

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