Re: Bouin fixed tissue for Tunel

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi Ann,
    SLIDES... What type of slides are you using. The best thing to do is use
(+) charged slides, or sialinized slides. Also avoid any proteinacious adhesive
in your water bath. (Stay On, Halt, Glycerin, Albumin etc.) These leave a
neutral charge sandwiched between the negative charged tissue section and
positive charged slide which defeats the purpose of the (+) charged slides.
I hope this helps
Amos Brooks

Ann Samways wrote:

> Hi,
> Can any one help me. I worked on a project last year using 10%NBF fixed
> tissue with Tunel on rat. This year I am using Bouin fixed tissue (old
> blocks), and have a few problems.
> 1. Tissue will not stay on with microwave retrieval
> (100% power 750 watt, 90C , bring to temp, cancel, leave for 5 minutes,
> bring up to 90C , cancel and stand for 5 minutes.) This worked last year on
> the  10% NBF fixed tissue.
> I do have better success with tissue staying on with 70% power at 55C, but
> Tunel not working.
> 2. Have managed to get the method to work on a control NBF fixed tissue but
> not on the Bouins fixed tissue running long side.
> Thanks in advance
> Ann
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