Bouin fixed tissue for Tunel

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From:Ann Samways <> (by way of histonet)
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Can any one help me. I worked on a project last year using 10%NBF fixed
tissue with Tunel on rat. This year I am using Bouin fixed tissue (old
blocks), and have a few problems.
1. Tissue will not stay on with microwave retrieval
(100% power 750 watt, 90C , bring to temp, cancel, leave for 5 minutes,
bring up to 90C , cancel and stand for 5 minutes.) This worked last year on
the  10% NBF fixed tissue.
I do have better success with tissue staying on with 70% power at 55C, but
Tunel not working.

2. Have managed to get the method to work on a control NBF fixed tissue but
not on the Bouins fixed tissue running long side.
Thanks in advance

Ann Samways,
Histology Unit,
Dept of Stomatology,
School of Dentistry,
P.O. Box 647,
New Zealand

Phone (O3) 4797079
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