Re: Bone histomorphometric image analysis systems

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From:Mary Stevens <> (by way of histonet)
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There are 2 that are used most frequently for bone - Bioquant
( and Osteomeasure (   NIH Image is
also used, but it's more cumbersome - pretty general.  It's great for
quick area measures, etc, but more difficult for perimeters, and

I'm not trying to plug one over the other, I know many people have
used Bioquant for years and swear by it.  Others recently have
purchased Osteomeasure and find it much more user friendly, and
developed directly for bone.

There is another that peole have tried to use, SAMBA ( Ithink) but
stay away from that for bone.


>>> Gayle Callis <> - 11/15/1999 12:40 PM
I am looking for information about current bone histomorphometric
image analysis systems used in metabolic bone disease diagnosis, or
even bone research.

Name of instrument/image system/
Company, phone number, etc.

Gayle Callis

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