cryostat cleaning

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 Instrumedics' Cryo-Vac-Away  is not a true decontamination system. It does
not destroy pathogens. However, the trimming debris, which is  the biggest
source of contamination in the cryostat during the normal working day is
eliminated. All the debris is suctioned away as it is generated at the
blockface during the trimming step.The debris does not leave the interior
cold  chamber; it is captured in a 3-stage 2 filter system. Pathogens that
can escape the debris are captured on the fine bacterial filter. The filters
stay in the cryostat where the debris freeze-dries which permits the vacuum
to suction efficiently even when the primary filter is full of debris.

The cryostat remains spotless  no matter how many blocks are cut!! No  The
debris will not be found in the chamber where it can contaminate the
interior surfaces or be made an aerosol which could contaminate the lab

The filters can be changed  easily and the used filters are disposed with
biohazard waste.

Cryo-Vac-Away is adaptable to most cryostats!


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