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P. Emry wrote:
> Hey Gang,
> I got the boss to consider formaldehyde substitutes.  She wants to see a
>"PAPER" on comparisons.  I am getting literature from vendors, but I would
>like to get some independent information..a journal is what she has in
>mind. Could you(s) give me a reference or send me a paper that would
> help me with the boss?  She's great, but traditions are hard to abandon.
> I and my pickled lungs (eyes, sinuses et.) thank you.
> Trisha Emry
> Orthodontics Research Lab
> University of Washington
> Box 357446
> Seattle, WA  98195
> (206) 685-8163 fax

	See "Commercial Formalin Substitutes for Histopathology" by Prento and
Lyon, 1997, Biotechnic and Histochemistry (formerly Stain Technology)
72:273-282. Boils down to "We conclude that none of the proposed
commercial substitutes for buffered formalin are adequate for critical
histology or histopathology".

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