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Michelle, salary will be dependent upon geographical region, cost of
living, etc.
as well as your experience.  You may discover that you can receive a lower
and have more net after living expenses depending upon the cost of living in an
area.  However, another consideration is the opportunity offered by the
You may have greater opportunities with a salary where cost of living is
more than
other places.  Competition in certain geographical areas may also influence the
salary.  I encourage you to look for the opportunity with growth potential
if you
are seeking a long term career in histotechnology.  This field is beginning to
explode with all the possibilities emerging in technology.  Sharon Osborn wrote:

>   Could someone please tell me what a registered histotech with special
> Immuno, grossing and qc and four years experience would start out making?
> All in put on this matter is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Michelle Powell HT(ASCP)

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