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We use a form that outlines the facilities policy regarding  electronic
Then we list all individuals that have the "privelege?" or responsibility
to use the pathologist's electronic signature.  All these individuals sign
the form.
"EACH"  pathlologist signs one of these forms that states that the
pathologist agrees to allow these individuals to release results using
their computer generated signature.  Keep these on file, readily
available.  In addition, a hard copy draft  of the report (signed or
initialed by the pathololgist) is kept on file for at least 2 years.

rite or rong, thats what we do-

Weems, Joyce wrote:

> Hey You Guys!
> I am trying to determine exactly who is required by CLIA to
> electronically sign out a pathology or cytology case. My interpretation
> is that the pathologist needs to sign out the cases themselves and can
> not pass that duty along to someone else using their computer code. How
> does everyone else interpret this?
> Thanks, Joyce

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