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In my lab, we used to make the bleach solutions weekly, and keep them in
opaque bottles.  Probably daily is best, especially if you encounter a lot
of potentially biohazardous materials.  But, solutions made weekly should
work just fine.  We at times kept bleach solutions longer than a week, but
this was probably not a good practice to follow.

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greg tesdall wrote:

> Information needed. Countertops in the general Lab(Hemo, B. Bank,
> Chemistry) are cleaned at the end of each shift with a 10% bleach
> solution. They make the solution up fresh each day.  I need references
> or guidelines for the following: 1) Is it necessary to make fresh each
> day. What is the shelf life. 2) What if they were to use opaque
> bottles.  Would shelf life be longer. Any other input appreciated.
> thanks
> Greg Tesdall, NE.
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