Immunofluorescence Book Titles

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From:VICKI_GAUCH@CCGATEWAY.AMC.EDU (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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       I'm more than happy to share the titles of the two books given to me
     through Histonet.
     The first is "Interpretation of Immunofluorescent Patterns in Skin
     Diseases: by Rafael Valenzuela,Wilma Bergfeld,Sharad D. Deodhar. Put
     out by ASCP.

     The second is #011#idney Biopsy Interpretation" by Jenis and Lowenthal,
     published by F.A. Davis Co., 1978.
     I hope these are helpful to you....

     Have a great day :)

     Vicki Gauch
     Albany Medical Center

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