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All I lost was a pair of sunglasses but the things weren't cheap sunglasses!
If anybody found a pair of sunglasses in the restaurant at the Wyndham let me
know. This would have been Wed PM or Thursday AM.
Andi Grantham

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From: Alex Brown <AlexB@nayrshire.scot.nhs.uk>
Subject: Re: NSH lost luggage
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	Was that one of these 'Erotic Histology' meetings ????   :)
     (No offence intended).
		Alex. Brown
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Date: 03 November 1998 12:43

In a message dated 11/2/98 11:08:21 PM Eastern Standard Time,
so4decolores@earthlink.net writes:
Hey, I seem to be missing some underwear! :)
<< I know this is a bit late.  Did someone staying at the Best Western
 Lake Plaza take home an extra bag?  It is the program Leica bag with
 workshop materials and personal materials, notes, etc.  It was placed
 the baggage room after checkout until time to leave.  Please contact me
 to arrange for its return if you know about it.  Thanks,   Sharon
Osborn >>

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