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Paul, for fluorescence work we use the PVA-DABCO aqueous mounting media from
sigma-aldrich, Cat# 10981. It is actully made by Fluka.  "Poly vinyl alcohol
with DABCO anti-fading agent." one caveat - it has only a 3-month shelf life
before it polymerizes in the bottle. 

And it's one of the few mounting mediums that works with Qdots, if you plan
on using those for fluorescence work.

I've also found the DAKO Faramount medium to be great for enzyme IHC. It
hardens well and is storable in standard slide file drawers. Cat# S3025

Tim Morken
Lab Vision - Neomarkers

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What brand do you prefer for aqueous mounting medium to be used with a
coverslip?  I have several good hydrocarbon-based coverslipping media, and
also some good aqueous media to be used without coverslips (so-called liquid
coverslip), but I don't have an aqueous coverslipping medium I am completely
satisfied with.  Applications would include immunofluorescence and a few
enzyme stains, as well as lipid stains and other techniques that are not
compatible with hydrocarbon-based media.   Are there any such media that
harden after application, to produce a permanent slide?  

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