[Histonet] how to get this cryostat working?

From:Caroline Bass


I have located a cryostat that someone is willing to let me use.  It  
was inherited from another lab and has been moved to a new building  
and has not been powered up for several months.  Does anyone have  
advice on how I should proceed with getting this cryostat in working  
order?  It appears to be fairly clean inside and was decontaminated  
before it was left to sit.  It is a Shandon Cryotome Motorised  
Electronic cryostat (no. 77210160 GB).

I will probably use the cryostat initially about once a week.  Should  
the cryostat be powered on constantly?  Or should I turn it on prior  
to each use?  Should it be kept at a particular temperature between  
uses?  The cryostat has a waste bottle that collects water from the  
cooling coils and also debris from washing the chamber.  It is  
suggested that this bottle should always contain 10% formalin, I  
assume to serve as a decontaminant.  Does this always have to be in  
use, and should I change the bottle often?

Where can I find the correct type of disposable blades to use with  
this cryostat model.  I plan to section brain, spinal cord and  
liver.  Is there a particular brand or type of disposable blade I  
should use for this purpose?  How often should the blades be changed?

I have used a cryostat before but I haven't been responsible for its  
upkeep beyond regular cleaning after use, so if there is anything  
that I am missing, or any suggestions, please let me know.

By the way, as far as cryostats go, how does this model stack up?

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.


Caroline Bass

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