Re: [Histonet] Paraffin blocks - Dangerous goods?

From:"Jackie M O'Connor"

Unfortunately, they are considered a biohazard -(human tissue), although 
my sister unknowingly sent our dead aunt's remains (ashes) via UPS once. I 
came home from work and she was right there in a little box, sitting on my 
front porch. Anyway, I digress -  I remember this being discussed before 
as to why they (blocks) are still biohazardous since they're fixed and 
processed.  I'm facing storage problems right now because we don't have 
anywhere 'appropriate' to keep them.  Years (and years) ago - we stored 
them in the basements and sub-basements (scary 4 foot ceilings) of 
hospitals until they were found by lucky rodents or other vermin.  I'm 
curious as to how and where people store them now, as well. 


"Richard Cartun" 
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11/30/2004 10:12 AM

        Subject:        [Histonet] Paraffin blocks - Dangerous goods?

I have just been told that paraffin tissue blocks are considered
"Dangerous Goods" and can only be packaged and shipped by individuals
who have received special training.  Would anyone like to comment on
this?  Thank you.


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