[Histonet] T2000 Non-gynae[Scanned]

From:"Kemlo Rogerson"

We have a T2000 at East Lancs Cell Path and the young BMS in there is having
problems. If my memory serves me there were threads in the past concerning
Non-Gynae and the T2000. Her problem is that using the property cell
transportation fluid, Cytolyt, she (and her Consultants), maintain cells are
lost. To overcome that she is using the 'Pap TPAP' fluid that is used for
cervical specimens but has difficulty lysing the rbc's; I suppose as they
are fixed.

I used to be a good 'technician' and I wonder if anyone could tell me how
they receive FNAC, fluids, etc. I hope to revisit being a good 'technician'
again, but frailty of my cerebral cortex prevents intuitive thought, so
plagiarism is the only option.   

Kemlo Rogerson
Cellular Pathology Manager
East Lancashire Hospitals

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