Re: [Histonet] Elution reagent for Double Staining

From:Gayle Callis

Talk to Chris van der Loos - he has done this and actually feels this does=20
NOT work very well.  There are other ways to get excellent results with 
double IHC and not use elution.  He can be reached at "C.M. vander Loos" 
.  There are problems with elution.  One is the=20
antibody is bound so strongly to antigen, it will not elute.  Another 
is  damage to antigens with elution reagents.  Chris is a master at double=20
staining and taught this in Toronto this past year - look for him to do 
this again in Fort Lauderdale, NSH symposium 2005 - he did discuss elution=20
and how to get around it.

A good visit with him may help you with your double staining.

At 07:33 AM 11/23/2004, you wrote:
>Anyone out there willing to share what they use for elution reagent during=20
>double immunostaining using peroxidase and phosphatase systems 
>together?  I have looked and gotten a variety of answers, I would like to=20
>know what actually works for people.  Thanks in advance -
>Amy S.Porter, HT(ASCP)
>Michigan State University
>Department of Physiology
>Division of Human Pathology
>College of Human Medicine
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