[Histonet] Equipment from Biogenex, Vision Bio, Dako and Ventana

From:"corporate headquarters"

Congratulations Connie !

Sounds like a wonderful time for you. My best wishes for success at your new 
Company.   If you are in need of some instrumentation as you grow, I hear 
Vision Biosystems has a pretty good Tissue processor on the market. The 
Tissue Tek is a pretty good standard as well. If you are in need of other 
equipment, their are several excellent sources on the internet, which I'm 
sure you know.

Is your job still available? If so, I would like to make contact and  send a 
resume. I have 10 years in the IHC market, and am looking to make a move 
soon as our Company has filed for bankruptcy.

If your Company in Utah is  in the market for other Histology products, I 
would look into their other  IHC systems, and get more info. Dako has had a 
good quarter, as has Biogenex. Ventana is for the BIG labs and  Vison 
Biosystem is embroiled in litigation with Ventana and Dako.

Re Ventana, It appears from the websites that the Court ruled that Vision 
infringed upon Ventana bar code patents, which prevents them from being able 
to distribute their Bond-X and MAX autostainers. Re-work could take up to a 
year, and they are not allowed by law to sell them while the Court ruling is 
in effect. A Court appeal may take less time.

Dako is going after Vision's Director of Service and Support for actively 
trying to 'steal' Field Service Engineers from them, and  it may be the case 
that the Director of Sales is  passing on Confidential Dako info - just a 
rumor. I overheard at NSH Dako's Corporate strategy for 2003-2007 from  
people speaking at the Vision booth.  Oh, well. This is an interesting 

Very best of luck in the new endeavors.


Edgar Renton, HTL (ASCP)
Mt. Sinai Medical Systems
Chicago, IL

>From: MOSS 
>Subject: [Histonet] A New Life -- Anybody want my job??
>Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:25:53 -0700
>Hi everyone!
>This is a very exciting time for us in the McManus family.  After 2 years 
>hard work,  my husbandıs business is finally ready to open our doors for
>business in January.   We are doing electron microscopy, TEM  to start out
>with and SEM will come on board when we are able to acquire the scope.
>  I handed in my notice that Iım leaving in January, so an excellent job 
>great benefits and an awesome  environment, cool boss and fun co-workers is
>open and up for grabs to anyone who qualifies.  Contact the Employement
>office at Utah State University (www.usu.edu)  and my boss, Dr. Tom Baldwin
>(ask me privately for his e-mail).
>Our new company is Mt Ogden Scientific Services (MOSS) and we are located 
>Ogden UT.  We have an innovative method of getting final images out -- from
>fresh tissue to fixed, processed  -- within 24 -72 hours.   If there are 
>pathologists who are interested in our services, or if there are any EM 
>that have more work than they can handle, please contact  us.
>In the mean-time, have a great Thanksgiving everyone.  Yıall outside the 
>have a great week !!
>Connie McManus
>Mt Ogden Scientific Services
>Ogden UT  84401
>Tel: 801/334-6677
>website is forthcoming.
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