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From:"Gudrun Lang"

Dear Patti
I would like to hear, if you have to mark the slides with the histotechs
initials, who cuts.
We label the slides by hand just before cutting. With the handwriting we
allways know the originator of the slide. Our laboratory is going to
certificate and there is the request to follow the probe's way. I would
appreciate a slide labeler, because my handwriting is awful ....


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> Jennifer - We are currently doing an evaluation of the Sakura slide
> I should give you some background on how we operate. We are not a routine
> histology lab - we're not cutting only 1-3 H&E's on blocks. We are a
> reference IHC/ISH laboratory, typically we cut 6-15 unstained slides & 1
> on blocks. We receive the majority of our blocks by Fed EX, so they arrive
> en masse mid-morning. We were having 3-4 people write slides for at least
> hour. The slide printer needs just 1 person, and is much faster doing all
> the slides. Legibility is no longer a problem. Even the doctors have
> remarked on how easy & quick it is to read the slides with the uniform
> printing. It took us awhile to get the software configured with our
> the way we wanted it, but this was time well spent. We're still trying to
> get it to print out paper reports of what we're inputting (so we don't
> to hand write logs). We have not tried hooking it up to our LIS yet.
> Of course, this machine does not prevent errors. You can type in the
> incorrect number, pick up tissue on the wrong slides, etc... I definitely
> have not seen any increase in errors.
> I'm truly sold on the machine due to less tech time spent writing slides,
> improved legibility, quickness of printing.
> Now I've just got to write new SOPs!!!
> Let me know if you'd like more info.
> Patti Loykasek
> PhenoPath Laboratories
> Seattle, WA
> > I'm looking for any info on slide stainers and slide lablers.  Our lab
> > looking to purchase one of each.  All responses will be greatly
> >
> > Thanks to everyone for helping me out whether it is now or in the past.
> > guys ar egreat and I love this forum!
> >
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