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From:"Osborn, Sharon"

	This lab have been using the TBS cassette and slide labelers for
several years.  I first used them in 1994.  They etch the slides and burn
w/black ink onto the cassettes.  There are problems with them that require a
lot of attention.  In addition, the glass and paint dust on the slides must
be washed off.  A lot of ours go to IHC and that is the main reason for
washing off the dust.  Yes, we have the 'dust catcher' attachment on it.  If
service is needed, we must make arrangements with TBS and rent a loaner,
return ours for repair, etc.
	Recently, we requested demonstrations of the Shandon, Surgipath,
Leica, Sakura instruments.  Our requirements were it was to hook into our
LIS system.  We spoke with TBS concerning their newly released totally
different labeler.  It is still too new to have all the problems worked out
and since there is not a service rep on the West Coast, service would be a
huge issue.
	1. Surgipath--it is a small one slide at a time instrument; not
suited for mass production nor will it integrate with an LIS.  Can rub off
the ink.
	2. Shandon--slide labeler is exactly the same as the TBS.  The
cassette labeler has a carousel configuration rather than the slide
configuration TBS has.  Both still operate same as the TBS.  Ink will rub,
scratch off with some effort.  In practise, it takes only certain types of
slides (both TBS and Shandon)
	3. Sakura--it turned out to be same as the Leica.  It was developed
with some type of joint agreement that is no longer in effect. (ac/c to
Sakura representative)
	4. Leica--Both the cassette labeler and slide write take up more
bench top space than the TBS or Shandon.  However, it is space well worth
taking. It will take casettes with lids on it or without. It will take any
type of slides.  It will more easily hook into our LIS system such that
researchers can program from their desks the cassettes to print.   We can
remotely program it to print slides.
	Bottom line--We ordered the Leica because we received a better price
quote from the Leica representative than from the Sakura representative.
Plus, we have had excellent service on our other Leica products.
	I do agree that you want to demo as many of these big ticket items
as you can due to the longevity of relationship with the piece of equipment.

Sharon Osborn
Palo Alto, CA

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