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Hi Fawn,
We use GMA, and this protocol works well.
1. Immerse slides in water
2. Stain in Harris Haematoxylin 30 mins
3. Wash well in running water, with enough time to allow the slides to blue 
(via the running water)
4. Blot to remove surplus water, and place slides in absolute alcohol
5. Stain in alcoholic eosin (0.1% eosin Y) for 3 mins
6. Complete dehydration (3 more changes absolute alc 1 min each)
7. Clear in xylene and mount with DPX

NB if the haematoxylin has stained heavily, leave slides in absolute 
alcohol at stage 4 fro several minutes to displace some of the excess.

At 15:50 9/11/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anybody know of a good H&E procedure for plastics that they are
>willing to share?  We are not staining slides we are staining the blocks
>themselves.  We are told these blocks are a polyester plastic, but we
>are willing to try any procedure available for any type of plastic such
>as GMA, MMA, & Technovit 7200 if no one knows of a procedure for
>polyester plastic.  Any help is appreciated, we need to do this stain
>ASAP, and we are clueless on what we should do.
>Thank you
>Fawn Jones
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