[Histonet] 100% ethanol shortage

From:"Bell, Lynne"

Good afternoon all,
I have been notified by Pharmco Products that there is a severe shortage
of 100% ethanol.  The reason has something to do with ethanol being
blended into gas as a fuel additive (and probably some other political
reasons, as well).  My question to my esteemed colleagues is this:  do
any of you use and combination of ethanol and methanol for 100% and 95%
alcohol?  One of the sales reps told my supervisor of this concoction.
Due to the fact that that the methanol is undrinkable, this "concoction"
is not regulated.

Do any of you have any information regarding this ethanol shortage or
regarding the use of methanol/ethanol in staining and tissue processing.

Thanks for your help.

Lynne A. Bell, HT (ASCP)
Central Vermont Hospital
P. O. Box 547
Barre, VT  05641

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