[Histonet] re: HELP!!! - Autofluorescence in the mouse brain

From:Mike King

Sounds like you might be seeing lipofuschin granules, common 
autofluorescent intracellular structures in brain.  To reduce 
autofluroescence see
Baschong W, Suetterlin R, Laeng RH.  Control of autofluorescence of 
archival formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue in confocal laser 
scanning microscopy (CLSM).  J Histochem Cytochem. 2001 Dec;49(12):1565-72.
They describe studies using ammonia-ethanol, borohydride, and
sudan Black B alone or in combination, with a variety of fixation and 
section prep methods compatible with immunolabeling.  You can find other 
literature regarding the application of these reagents to 
autofluorescence problems.  Expect some trial-and-error to figure out 
what works best for your particular specimens.

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