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From:"Prior, Andrew"

As usual, an excellent response from all you Histonetters. Thank you very
much for the info. It seems that there is still a big problem getting hold
of Alcian Blue, so the price is still sky high!

I have included the responses that were sent to me direct for general
information. I have also talked to Surgipath (Europe) and they are trying to
get their own supplier of the dye at the moment - could be useful in the

Try Rowley Chemical or Manufacturing Company.  I buy a lot of my dyes from
them.  They specialize in histology dyes and stains.
Frances L. Swain, HT(ASCP) A. A. S.
Special Procedures Technician
UAMS Center for Orthopaedic Research
4301 West Markham St., Slot 644
Little Rock AR 72205

Hi Andrew, 
The problem is the stuff is really hard to make safely and the few companies
who did make it have stopped. Most of the stuff is made now by China and
purchased from them. I know two companies here in the state that have it are
Anatech and Polyscientific. Check their web sites. It will still be a lot
more expensive than it was 3 years ago. Wish I could help more. 
Pam Marcum
Hello Andrew,
A few years ago there was a reported worldwide shortage of AB 8GX.  I think
that this was because the major users (textile industry?) no longer required
it and it is less economically viable to produce in the small quantities
(relatively) used by histologists.  Some companies such as Cellpath obtained
supplies but it was expensive and limited to a certain amount per customer
(175 for 25g 3 years ago)
I have not looked for a while but the Sigma price may well be an average
price for it. 
I think there has been some discussion on this in the past on histonet so it
may be worth looking at the archives.

Dave Mehew
Chief Biomedical Scientist
Histopathology Department
Queen's Hospital
Burton Hospitals NHS Trust
Burton upon Trent
DE13 0RB

Try the American company Anatech.
Their price is $96 for 25g. Still expensive,
but it would make 2.5 litres of solution.
Anatech's alcian blue is certified by the BSC.
John A. Kiernan
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
The University of Western Ontario
London,   Canada   N6A 5C1

Dear Andrew,

Anatech Ltd. sells Alcian Blue, 25 gram bottle for $95.55 US (estimate 
$52.01 UK pounds). It is certified by the Biological Stain Commission 
and has a dye content of 67%. Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) of  
the UK was the manufacturer of Alcian Blue 8GX. ICI had trouble with 
the dye solubility for textile applications and various process changes 
in manufacturing were made in the 1950's and 1960's. Each different 
batch was given a different code. The codes 8GS and 8GX were found 
reliable for histology use. ICI ceased manufacturing in the 1970's and 
we all have been using for the last decades the leftover stock of ICI's 
original material. In 2001 ANATECH introduced their US manufactured 
Alcian Blue.

Ordering information for our product is:
Cat# 862
Product description: Alcian blue, 25 gram bottle
Price: $95.55 US

International orders require:
Mastercard or VISA account # (to charge the cost of the product)
Mastercard or VISA expiration date
Name on the Mastercard or VISA card
FedEx account (to charge shipping and duty costs)
Shipping address
Telephone number of recipient (as required by FedEx)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional 
questions. You may email me your ordering information and I will direct 
it though our ordering department.


Saw your enquiry on Histonet. We at CellPath can supply 
RHD-1040-25G - ALCIAN BLUE (CERTIFIED) - 25g - 95.00 GBP Plus 5
Hope this helps.

Brian Reid
Northern Teritory Manager
CellPath PLC
Unit 66
Mochdre Enterprise Park
Newtown, Powys Mid Wales
SY16 4LE

Office Tel 01686 611 333 

Hope you find these useful


Andrew Prior
Smith & Nephew Research Centre
York Science Park

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