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From:"Patsy Ruegg"

I have done CD68 staining on human, rat, mouse, monkey and rabbit, but have
not tried it on sheep yet.  My cross-reactivity chart lists CD68 as untried
on sheep as well.  One thing that I have found is that the clone PG-M1 is
much more specific to just macrophages and monocytes and not myeloid cells
and a variety of tissues as is clone KP1.  I would not hesitate to try PG-M1
in sheep tissue.  I will contact my local sheep investigators and see if
they have done this.  We have a facility here at UCHSC that just studies
sheep.  Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, keep bugging me to look into this
in case it slips my mind.
Best regards,
Patsy Ruegg

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Dear All,
Does anyone have experience in immuno staining of macrophages in sheep
Any help would be appreciated.

         Regards and thanks,   Laurie.

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