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I have a Johns Hopkins eosin recipe, it is as follows:

Eosin Y  18gms
Phloxine B  7.5gms
Biebrich Scarlet  1.5gms
Distilled Water  2850 ml
Absolute Alcohol  750 ml

1: Dissolve all the dyes in the distilled water.
2: Add the absolute alcohol and continue stirring for at least 1
This will make up a volume of 3610 ml, I add about two or three drops of 
glacial acetic acid to a 500 ml volume before staining tissue (this 
enhances the stain), you may not like the intensity but you can omit the 
acetic acid if you like.  I hope this is helpful to you.

Joyce Edmonds
Research Specialist
Medical University of SC
Charleston, SC

--On Tuesday, November 04, 2003 5:02 PM -0500 John Difford 

> Dear All,
> Does anyone remember a formula for an improved Eosin solution which was
> displayed on Histonet several years ago?
> It was said to have orginated at Johns Hopkins and contained some other
> red dye in addition to eosin.
> I want to make up some more because it was very good for frozen sections,
> but I have lost the instructions!
> Many thanks
> John Difford
> Histopathology Dept
> Royal Free Hospital
> London
> England, UK
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