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My $.02. I think there is a significant difference tape transfer for FROZEN sections and PARAFFIN. I have found the paraffin system to be more cumbersome and produce worse results than  careful sectioning. However the system used for frozen sections can be extremely useful.

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In all fairness I feel that I have to add my $.02 worth.  In my last research position (a number of years ago) I needed to section cross sections of frozen rabbit heart that had had radioactive elements perfused through it.  We needed adjacent sections that would be as identical as possible in order to overlay autoradiographic images and histochemically stained  images.  Using the Instrumedics tape transfer system, I was able to produce exquisite, near identical sections that enabled us to compile the data we needed for our research project.  Granted, I never tried the system with paraffin sectioning but at least in sectioning frozens, the system worked brilliantly for me. 

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Thank you for your input.  Not a lot of people want to talk about the problems with the Tape-Transfer System.  We also have two in our lab and I have tried on several occasions to work with Instrumedics to understand how it can be used.  Eventually they stopped emailing me which ended our collaboration.  Now I don't recommend the tape method to anyone.  I have published two articles on Array Instruction in The Journal of Histotechnology and I thought at one time that the Tape Method could me a good alternative for techs that have a problem cutting arrays.  But now I tell them to find someone in their area that can cut well. 

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Thom Jensen


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>I am so excited that people are publicly voicing just how they feel about this most horrendous tape method. First off, I have felt all along that it is an insult to any HistoTech who cuts........the two technicians who do the cutting in my lab cut absolutely gorgeous sections.......special attention is paid to the TMA's and they get consistent beautiful sections with little to no distortions. My lab director was so impressed, however, by the articles she had read about the "success" of the tape method, we were asked to buy one for each cutting station.....they now just sit in the drawer in case a researcher feels the need. I have a feeling we will end up tossing them in due time. I am all for the poll. I no longer participate in the Histonet and was given this information from a friend. You are certainly more than welcome to express my views if you like. I would though like to state this is nothing against Bernice and Instrumedics. They have known for quite some time that their tape method needs work. I would hope they would benefit from the information they would receive from a poll such as you would like to undertake. Please feel free to contact me at any time.......thanks. Linda
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