[Histonet] Web Seminar - LCM and Microarray Analysis from Formalin Fixed Tissues

From:"John McGinley"


For those who are interested in LCM and microgenomics I just got word that
there will be a web seminar on the use formalin fixed tissue for DNA/RNA
microarrays (see details below). 



John N. McGinley, HTL(ASCP)
Cancer Prevention Lab
Colorado State University

Web Seminar

High Fidelity Microarray Analysis from Formalin Fixed and Frozen Tissues
Using Microgenomics

Speaker: Dr. Rajiv Raja, Director of Life Science, Arcturus

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Time: 9:00 - 10:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Microarrays have provided researchers with a powerful tool to analyze the
transcriptional landscape of tissues. The ability to utilize precious tissue
biopsies for global gene expression analysis using microarrays has been
severely limited by the need to use frozen tissues for high quality RNA, and
the need for several micrograms of total RNA. 

Arcturus has developed systems for performing microarray analysis from (a)
nanograms of total RNA isolated from formalin-fixed tissue biopsies, both
fresh and archived, and (b) picograms to nanograms of total RNA isolated
from frozen tissue. These systems include methods for highly efficient
extraction and isolation of RNA from microdissected samples or other small
samples, and high yield amplification of isolated RNA. They also include
protocols and procedures to analyze the quality of samples at various stages
during the process. 

Data generated using these systems show high reproducibility and fidelity.
Molecular signatures have been identified using as few as 500pg-1ng of RNA
from frozen breast cancer biopsies and 5ng of RNA from formalin-fixed breast
cancer biopsies. Further, differential gene expression between frozen and
formalin-fixed samples demonstrates reasonable correlation and reliable data
has been generated from archived tissue banks, suggesting direct
applications in drug target discovery and the development of clinical
diagnostic tests. 

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