[Histonet] total mercury staining in mouse brain

From:"Yeung Lo"

Hi All,

We are able to confirm mercury accumulation in mouse brains which we have 
injected mercury solution into subcutaneously at the scruff region.  And 
now we would like to stain for the mercury to see where it's located.  
Is there any good staining method for organic+inorganic mercury out 
there?  What would be the best way to prep the brain? Will perfursion 
with paraformaldehyde be fixing the brain too much and "drain" out some 
of the organic mercury?  

Look forwards to hearing from you.

Yeung Y. Lo
Dept. Neurological Surgery
School of Medicine
University of California, Davis
530-752-0753 (office)
530-304-7368 (cell)

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