[Histonet] Rainbow Trout Brains slicing and BrDU staining

From:"Psych 348"


Has anyone done slicing with rainbow trout brains and staining with BrDU 
afterwards?. The BrDU staining protocol I am using right now was initially 
designed for rat and mice brains tissues and it seems to be too vigorous for 
the fish brain slices (too small). I originally sliced out 30 microns 
section and left them on slides sitting on ice; then I put the slides into a 
60 degree water bath for 2 hours to melt down the wax (not entirely melted) 
and denature the DNA. After overnight drying they seemed fine but some if 
not all of the tissues come off during the BrDU staining. I still have to 
put them into the cresyl violet stain so I don't think I'll have anything 
left afterwards! I'd appreciate any kind of feedback, thanks a lot!


Siu Him Chan
University of British Columbia

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