[Histonet] thanks for gross-answers, training in Austria

From:"Gudrun Lang"

It is very interesting for me to hear about the various histo-jobs in your country.
Perhaps someone wants to know, what the job training looks like in Austria.
My job is called "Medical Technical Analysist" formerly "Medical Technical Assistent" (MTA) and in near future something like "Bio-Analysist" to conform to EU-line.
You have to have qualification for university entrance to make the MTA-academy, but until now we do not reach a bachelor degree at the end. The school lasts three years with practical and theoretical parts. Befor your certification, you have to make a diploma project.
The training comprehends all parts of laboratory work (Histo, Hematology, chemical lab, bodyfunction, molecularbiology, microbiology..) but not radiology and physical medicin. We can work in any kind of medical lab.
So MTAs in Austria are really good trained and self-responsible, but have no chance to use the education for a bachelor degree and university study (yet).
Within the EU there are various forms of courses, some with and some without degree. The plan is to equalize these.
There is another type of labworker, the MTF, without quali for uni-entrance and self-responsibility.
Our Pathologists do the University study of Humanmedicin, then work at the hospital stations (perhaps three years), then make the training for the specialist (is called assistent) at a pathology for four years.
Is the histotech-training limited to histology or is there also a larger based education before?
Is the Pathology Assistent a part of Med. Doctor-education or is it a special job?
Perhaps someone is so kind and tells me about the training.
thanks in advance
Gudrun Lang
general hospital, Linz, Austria

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