RE: Xylene Substitutes


I have used Thermo/Shandon's Histolsove for about 10 years with no problems.
It is not sticky, greasy or smelly!!!  I do use their Xylene Substitute
Mountant with it, so I don't know how other mountants work with it.

Hope this helps,
Dawn Schneider, HT(ASCP)
Howard Young Medical Center
Woodruff, WI

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I know we've been over this before but I need your help.  
We are looking into a xylene substitute.  We've tried Americlear, Slidebrite
and Clearite 3.  We liked the Slidebrite best, but had trouble with the
drying problem.  The pathologists want to look at the slides right away and
they are saying the slides are sticky and they don't like it.  I have tried
Newcomer mountant, and also Perk.  Does anyone have another solution for us?
We seem to be having health problems that are making this something we need
to deal with.  Thanks  

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