Computer lingo

From:Susan Owens

>On another note-what's with the garbage coming in with posts-I had to scan
>through most of today's digest to get past all these nonsense letters and
>numbers?  Is there anyway the Digest could be sent without all the computer
>lingo and additional stuff?  Just an idea!

>Sue Becker, HTL
>Albany, NY 12205

Sue, I have been getting the 'digest' for several years now and your
questions keeps coming up...
The answer is YES. I'm not a computer person, but my understanding is it is
caused because  'html' does not do well with all computers...MOST list
serves like the Histonet want mail sent to them in 'plain text', NOT html
In my address book(Outlook Express), when I input a 'list serve'
address(like Histonet) I check the box to send all mail to this address as
'plain text'.....Either some people don't do this or maybe their computer
doesn't give them a choice....The result is all that crazy, unreadable
mess.....And for those of us who get the 'digest' it can give one a headache
trying to scan through it all.

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