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Maybe I live on Mars!...But here goes!...
1.I agree with the manager
2.We can cut blocks at that speed if you want crap.
3.20 blocks an hr is a good rate...[.If they are all large
levels, no can do 40.or more....]
If doing 4 levels per slide...40 in unrealistic in an hr.
When training a new person...I do not care how long it takes them to cut..If
what they produce is quality.....As there confidence builds so does number
of blocks being cut..
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> Hi,
> Competency is about being effective, i.e being able to perform an activity
> successfully to set quality standards.
> Productivity is about efficiency, ie being able to perform an acceptable
> amount in a given unit of time.
> Your boss is nearer the mark in this one.
> Cheers
> Steve
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> I know that this subject has been brought many times before, but I really
> need some advice.  I had to develop competencies at my organization
> the techs have not had to be in several years, nor have they been help
> accountable for anything.  To come up with an objective number for
> embedding
> and microtomy, I watched them for several days and timed them all.  I came
> up with a "lab average" and to be competent they had to be within 70% of
> the
> lab average.  For example, the lab average for microtomy was 84 slides per
> hour and to be competent they had to cut 59 slides per hour with less than
> a
> 2% error rate (error rate is based on depth and wrinkles, etc.).  I have
> several employees that are well below that number.  They think that I am
> being unrealistic in my expectations of them.  My manager and I disagree
> what competent means.  He feels that I am asking for productivity and not
> competency, I think they are one in the same.  He feels that to be
> competent
> that have to show they know how to do their job, I told him to be
> they have to be productive.  He asked me today if there were any articles
> about productivity standards in histology.  So is there such a thing?
> Now I have other things on my competency as well, such as, accessioning,
> frozens, special stains, processing, microwave processing, etc.  My next
> question is, what do you do if you have a tech that doesn't pass the
> competency?  I have been told that I have to re-train them, even if they
> have been a tech for 30 years.  How does your organization handle this?
> On the down side of this, is my techs.  They don't care about the
> competencies because even if they are not competent, nothing will happen
> them, so they don't care.  One tech can come in and bust there butt and
> they
> will get the same benefits and raise as a tech that comes in and does
> absolutely nothing.  I have been trying to change this since I got here,
> but
> until I have documentation to back me up, I am stuck.
> You advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Roxanne
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