From:Mike & Sue Becker


Long time since I posted.  I cut frozen sections and usually do a regressive
stain with 1% Toluidine Blue after fixing in 200 proof ethanol.  The OCT
around the tissue on the slide usually dissolves or falls off in the alcohol
rinses.  Lately it is still attached to the slide and is visible after
coverslipping. The slides are readable but look messy.  The OCT which is
left on the slide is clear and often is overlapping the tissue.  Sometimes I
can pull it all off in one piece with forceps or a Q-tip but sometimes I
can't and may end up ruining a tissue section by putting lines in it or
taking some of the tissue with the OCT off inadvertently.  Anyone else out
there run across this problem and how to you deal with it?

On another note-what's with the garbage coming in with posts-I had to scan
through most of today's digest to get past all these nonsense letters and
numbers?  Is there anyway the Digest could be sent without all the computer
lingo and additional stuff?  Just an idea!  Thanks.

Sue Becker, HTL
Albany, NY 12205

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