From:David Anderson

We went live with CoPath today and I'm assuming we will still have jobs 
tomorrow. It actually went pretty well. We got all our specimens accessioned 
and none of the equipment started to smoke so I guess that was an 
accomplishment. Tomorrow will be a truer test when we try to print logs and 
slides labels and enter recuts, special stains, etc. I think we have a 
pretty good idea how to do it if the machines and the software will 
cooperate. We're on a network with two sister hospitals in Austin and that 
might have made this a little more complicated than it otherwise would have 
been. It certainly created a long delay in implementation.

We got a lot of great tips from histonetters around the country that helped 
clear up a lot of the fuzzy areas. CoPath seems like a good system and in a 
few months we'll probably wonder how we ever got along without it.

By the way, I appreciate all the good words about veterans. I spent three 
years protecting Biloxi, Miss. It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do 

Thanks again to everyone.
David Anderson
Providence Health Center
Waco, TX

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