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For a quick method, either a Masson Fontana (microwave method), or Schmorl's reaction would be able to give you a result in 5 to 10 minutes.  As for differentiating between melanin and melanocytes you may have better luck with the DOPA oxidase reaction as it demonstrates cells capable of producing melanin and not the melanin itself.  The only down side is is is not quick ( 2-4 hours), and required careful temperature regulation and pH'd buffers.
Hope this helps!

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Subject: melanin on frozen sections

I received a call from in a doctor in the dermatopathology clinic who would like to stain for melanin on frozen skin sections.  He is looking for a rapid test as this would be done on MOH's patients.  Preferably he would like the stain to differentiate between melanin and melanocytes.
Any ideas would be appreciated!
Melissa Jans
University of Iowa Healthcare

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