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I remember doing skins in which we would put as many as possible on one
slide - on the order of 50 sections - in serial order. Saves slides if
nothing else. I suppose it depends on what the pathologist is comfortable
with to make a dx.


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Good morning Histonetters;  I am curious how many labs out there may have a
limit to the number of sections placed on a slide, mainly for small biopsy
specimens.  Currently we do 3 slides (3 levels, one level per slide) per bx
block.  This is a small rural hospital, we cut anywhere from 10 to 70 blocks
a day; some days are rushed, others not (one tech on morning duty).  this is
not a question of the histotech being overworked, rather a question of --"do
we have an overworked pathologist?"  Generally, for prostate biopsies, we
usually give 3-5 sections/slide.  Our temporary locum tenens path. has asked
for 1 section/slide for biopsy cases.  Any feedback here is appreciated.
Personally, i feel a disservice is being done here to the patient, if I give
in to this.  Thank you.

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