Laboratory Equipment

Lena Spencer and I need to identify the Processors, Microtomes, Stainers, and 
Microwave ovens used in the US.  This is for information for the NSH/CAP 
HistoQIP project.  Please add to the list by identifying any of the pieces of 
equipment that you use and that you do not find on the list.  You can send 
these to me directly please


Freida Carson

Hacker      Milestone RHS1
            LX 120
            HMP 300

Leica       TP1020
               ASP 300

Sakura      Tissue Tek VIP5
            Tissue Tek Rotary 

Thermo Shandon  Citadel 1000        
            Citadel 2000
            Hypercenter XP  
            Histowave Microwave

Triangle Biomedical ATP Regular 
                         LMW Microwave

Ventana     Renaissance 

AO          820

Hacker      200 Series semi-automatic
            300 Series motorized
            Bright 5040 Manual
            Bright 5040 Motorized

Leica       RM 2135 Manual
            RM  2145  Semi-motorized
            RM 2155 Motorized
            RM 2165 Motorized

Leitz           1512

Richard Allan       HM 310 Manual 
            HM 315 Manual 
            HM 355S Automated
            HM 360 Automated
            HM 200 Ergostar Electronic
            HM 335E Electronic
            HM 340E Electronic

Sakura          AccuCut SRM 200 Rotary

Thermo Shandon  Finesse E Rotary
            Finesse ME Motorized electronic
            Finesse 325 Manual 

Triangle Biomedical Cut 4055
            Cut 4060
            Cut 4060RE Motorized

BioGenex        Stainer i6000

Cytologix       Artisan Staining System

Dako            Autostainer

Hacker          Linear MKII
            HBIC Stainer

Leica           ST4040 Linear staining system
            ST5010 Autostainer

Richard Allan       HMS Robot Stainer
            MS50 Slide Stainer
            DS50 Slide Stainer
Sakura          TissueTek Linear Stainer II
            TissueTek DRS 2000 Automatic Multiple Slide Stainer

Thermo Shandon  Linistain SLS
            Varistain Gemini

Ventana     Benchmark
            NexES IHC
            NexES Special Stain


Energy Beam Sciences    H2200 Staining Microwave
                H2800 Processor Microwave
                H2850 Processor Microwave

Household Model

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