Need help with cpt codes and bundling

Presently if the lab receives 3 specimens from one patient and they are labeled as 1 uterus, 2 rt tube and ovary & 3 lt tube and ovary there are 3 cpt codes, 88307, 88305 x 2.  And the report will automatically generate as specimen parts 1, 2 and 3 in the gross description and the microscopic.  
Some Pathologists want to charge only one code, such as 88309, for all three specimens. 
Should you not have 3 codes if you have three specimens.  Is it not just as bad to under code as it is to over code?  But then again, I have read that some specimens that come separately need to be bundled, such as, if a rt tube is submitted separately from a rt ovary.  What is everyone out there in HistoLand doing?    Are you combining the specimens during accessioning or are you making those changes in the final report? 
I am close to retiring and really don't want to end up in jail for fraud! 
Pearl from New Orleans

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