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I use CD31 for marking endothelial cells in rats.  You can see my poster presentation on this by going to:
Patsy Ruegg

Judy Trogadis wrote:

> We are interested in differentiating between arteries and veins in the adult rat pulmonary vasculature. Are there specific markers or antibodies we could use? A variety of plant lectins exists which label endothelial cells but the literature is confusing about their specificities. They may also preferentially stain only certain organs.
> We are perfusing the rats, and cutting thick sections (~100 microns) on a vibratome for confocal microscopy. So staining could be carried out either at the time of perfusion or later, with the sections. A fluorescent marker is required for the confocal technique.
> I look forward to any suggestions.
> Thank you
> Judy
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