Re: Identifying Lymph Nodes


We also manufacture a special fixative for fatty tissue/lymph nodes. It is
called Dissect Aid. Dissect Aid is a special  fixative for easier, quicker
lymph node recovery. It turns lymph nodes white in the surrounding tissue
mass making them simple to find. Since Dissect Aid fixes and dehydrates
simultaneously, it will also firm up fatty tissues making them easier to
handle. Paraffin infiltration is quick and complete. Routine H & E and
special stains, including IHC and ISH, work well with tissues fixed in
Dissect Aid. If you would like a sample of Dissect Aid please call me at
1800-428-5856 or visit our website at

Best Regards to all,

Cliff Berger
Decal Chemical Corp.

> From: Jenny Oblander 
> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:40:40 -0600
> To: 'Histonet' 
> Subject: Identifying Lymph Nodes
> Hi,     
> There was an inquiry about identifying lymph nodes in fresh tissue
> awhile back on the Histonet. I was filing the other day (a mound of paper!)
> and found an ad from Poly Scientific for Lymph Node Revealing Solution, cat#
> s2470. I have not ever used this product so I cannot give any personal info
> about it. Contact Poly Sci @ 1-800-645-5825 for help and more information.
> Jenny

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