Re: Re: Summasketch digitizing tablet (Todd Sherman)

 Hello Abizar,
 I'm assuming that the drivers to which you refer are the same ones that Helen mentioned regarding the  SummaSketch and not some add-on set from SigmaScan.  I've not used that product under any operating  system but a quick perusal at indicates an  updated driver set for win2k.  From the driver's page:
  [1.50MB / 11-05-01]
 TabletWorks Wintab drivers V2.09.1018. For use with Summagrid IV, Summagrid V,
 SummaSketch II and SummaSketch III.
 I suggest that if you have not already tried this update that you read the driver release notes and see if this  set can help you.  It seems a shame to spend the resources both in monetary compensation and time  investment (new software learning curve) just to get a digitizer to work under a different OS.
 Hope this helps,
 Todd Sherman
 CompTIA A+, Network+ certified
 Abizar Lakdawalla wrote:
 >me too, win2k does not recognize the drivers I have.
 >"Beard, Helen" wrote:
 >> Can anyone recommend inexpensive new software to use with the SummaSketch
 >> digitizing tablet? Our old SigmaScan software was not Y2K compliant.
 >> Thanks
 >> Helen Beard
 >> Shriner's Hospital
 >> Galveston, TX

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