Re: IHC Qualification Exam

From:Connie McManus

At 03:15 PM 11/28/01 -0700, rueggp wrote:
>Degrees are not required for taking the QIHC, the only requirement is that
>have worked doing IHC for a year I believe. 

I'm currently working toward this same qualification and the info I
received from the BOR is 18 months hands-on experience.

Connie M.

 I would like to invite you and them
>to join the NSH IHCRG by going to and filling out the
>forms.  We could then help you with control tissues and ASCP forms, etc.
>"Turriago, Adriana" wrote:
>> Dear Patty,
>> I have 3 people under me who would like to take the IHC
>> qualification/certification test.  Could you provide me with some
>> information/application/material for them.  Their background are: histology
>> in one case, IHC by job training but no college degree in another case, and
>> the third one, she has a college degree in biology and some training in
>> Are there any requirements they need to fulfill before they become eligible
>> to take the test?
>> Thank you so much for your help and hope to hear from you soon,
>> Adriana
>> Adriana Turriago, MT (ASCP)
>> Laboratory Manager
>> Assay Development
>> Chromavision Medical Systems
>> (949) 443-3373 Ext. 279

Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT
fax (435) 797-2805

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