Re: Glyco-Fixx versus liquid gold

From:Mikael Niku

We tried Glyo-Fixx (I suppose you meant this) a couple
of years ago, as it sounded extremely good for our needs.

General tissue morphology was OK, but we couldn't make it
work for our most important application (in situ hybridization),
so we abandoned it. We probably didn't try immunohistochemistry or
if we did, it didn't work.

I would be interested to hear other comments
(especially more positive ones!). Back then I couldn't
find much at all anywhere.

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From: "David Grehan" 
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Subject: Glyco-Fixx versus liquid gold

> Hello to all those who swim in the ether,
> Does anyone use the formalin substitute from Shandon called Glyco-Fixx
> and does it do exactly as it says on the tin?. A formalin free lab would
> be a marvel. oh joy on the world! Or is a bucket of liquid gold cheaper?
> Any comments would be enlightening.
> Yours swimmingly
> David Grehan

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