From:Barry Rittman

I think that it is arrogant for any of us to assume that just because an
abbreviation is well known to us and is fairly common in our literature
that everyone should know about it. After all, it is routine for us in
journal articles, when the abbreviation is first used, to note in
parentheses the full term.
For some users of the Histonet, histology is a peripheral field and it is
up to all of us to help these individuals. 
Might I suggest that we prepare a list of abbreviations used in histology
and associated areas and have this at the Histonet or another site that can
be easily accessed by everyone? Such an abbreviation should also include a
brief description of how this is commonly used. If such a site already
exists I for one am ignorant of it and would appreciate this information. 

I have a first term to add .... 
SIS (Self Importance Syndrome)... this decribes the  over emphasis placed
by an individual on their perception of their own depth of knowledge. 
(note: SIS is often accompanied by "in my extensive experience". Once SIS
is recognized as existing in an individual it  should immediately be
discretely brough to their attention. This is best carried out by an
individual with greater knowledge and is generally a very humbling
experience. My wife has already pointed out SIS and I am working on it so
no notes please !)
Thank you

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