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Could you tell me what company publishes "Tissue Talk".  I would like to
get a copy of the article.

Thank you.

Cathy Locallo

Tony Henwood  on 11/28/2001 07:06:57 PM

To:   Kim Burns 
cc:   Histonet 

Subject:  Re: eukitt mounting media

We have also found that Warthin Starry stains fade
within a day after using Eukitt. This mountant did not
perform well when compared to others. Reference:

Henwood, A.F., (1994) "Commercial Mountants:
Assessment of durability and fading". Tissue Talk May
pp 4-5.

--- Kim Burns  wrote: > A word of
caution about Eukitt: we have found that
> slides stained with
> Richard Allan's H&E will fade in less than a year
> when coverslipped with
> Eukitt.
> Kimberlie Burns
> Cystic Fibrosis Center
> University of North Carolina
> Chapel Hill, NC

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