Re: Histotechs vs Med techs - RECRUITMENT

From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

To obtain material for recruitment of high school and college students into
histotechnology, check out the resources at NSH and ASCP.


On the NSH web page, Go to the Education Page, career information page

- Career Brochures: new in 2001 from NSH and Sakura Finetek
25 for $8.00

- Career Video.
Rental: $5 NSH member; $10 non-NSH member
Buy: $15 NSH member; $55 non-NSH member

At the bottom of the Career Information page, there is an order form link.
Click on this, and there are a couple of other recruitment materials for
- Coloring Book: $3 each
- NSH Poster: $5 each


On the ASCP web page, go to the Board of Registry page (BOR), and look at
the material for program directors:

#1 - Program Directors Presentations:
This has online slides and PowerPoint slides, including material for
histotechs. Unfortunately, the information on vacancy and wages is from
1998, not the latest 2000.

#2. Letter for biology and chemistry teachers "The life you save may be your

#5. Click on the "Career Resources" on this line,  rather than the "Medical
Laboratory Career" portion.

- Careers in Medical Laboratory Technology. Obtain a booklet on line, or buy
10 for $4.

- HT sheet - 1 sheet, 2 sides, 50 for $5

- Coloring/Activity Book - People in the Lab, 10 for $4

- Story Book - I had a Lab Test Today,  on line or $1 per copy

- Careers in Medical Laboratory Science - full color video on MT, MLT, HT,
HTL, CT, PBT, $65 non-ASCP member, $50 ASCP member

#6. Recruitment poster. Can print out on own printer. Better in color than
BW. Would look better on higher quality paper.

#7. Career Video Link. I know that's what it says, but it is the order form
flyer. You open up the file, save it somewhere on your computer (remember
what folder you decide to put it in.) Then go to the folder/file, open it
up, and up comes the order form, to order all the ASCP stuff.

Hope this helps.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Subject: RE: Histotechs vs Med techs in the good ol'USA

> Thank you Tim for your excellent report on the difference between med tech
> and histotechs.   I agree with everything you said, especially the fact
> that high schools and colleges do not even know what the field is about
> the message needs desperately to get out that histology is a class of its
> own, and jobs are out there for you  when you get through with training.
> I wonder if the National Society could help by making a set of slides and
> an official statement about the field of histology that we in each state
> could have access to and take it to the schools on their career days  and
> perhaps recruit interested people  and show them the things we do to make
> students aware of a much needed but understaffed profession.
> Karen Dulany  HTL (ASCP)
> Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
> Omaha, NE

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